Shared Spaces + Bunk Bed Ideas

Shared Spaces + Bunk Bed Ideas
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Sharing a space with siblings can be a crazy fun experience or chaotic and stressful. My sister and I shared a room for most of our youth and there were plenty of times I remember dividing the space with masking tape on the carpet. Creating a room that is attractive, functional, and gives each child their own area can be a challenge. Right now I’m trying to figure out my boys’ room and how to utilized the space well. Bunk beds are not my favorite, but I pulled together some beautiful shared spaces and amazing bunk beds that may just change my opinion!

coastal Bedroom

The coastal room above is a favorite of mine. Covering the walls with maps is always a fun idea that will also help your kids learn their geography.

The weathered gray wood paneled walls and stainless steel curtain rods on the bunk beds below would be perfect for a coastal cottage bedroom.

2012 | Rosemary Beach | Boys' Bunk Room | Designer: Urban Grace Interiors

coastal living

A trundle on casters tucks nicely under these fun rope beds and are ready to roll out for sleepovers.

Include Rope Details

coastal living

Our last home was a Cape Cod and the attic space was converted into bedrooms. The dormers and slanted roofline always made furniture arranging challenging but wow, look at this brilliant idea pictured below! This arrangement not only gives each child their own space in the alcove but it maximizes storage space too!

Double bed nook in beach home by Laura Davidson, Dwellings

Designer Laura Davidson, Dwellings

How fun is this bunk bed? It has a secret entrance from un upstairs level.

For multiple children, build a double bunk tucked into a corner. Each child has their own lighted reading shelf.
bunk bed ideas
Create privacy with curtains for each bunk.
bunk bed ideas
Of course I’m partial to this bedroom’s bead board ceiling. Click here to learn How to Install a Bead Board Ceiling like the one I did for my laundry room.
bunk bed wall
bunk bed with storage
My youngest saw this picture and exclaimed, “Mom! That bed is scary!”. I do admit I’d rather be the one sleeping on the top bunk! Anchored boat cleats hold the bed up with rope and it is also attached to the wall.  How cool is that glass float light?
rope bunk bed
I love this design for a bunk bed with a desk space on either side.
bunk bed with desks

There are so many creative options for bunk beds and shared spaces. Which one is your favorite?


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  1. One of my home goals for this year is to get the boys into a shared room! I love the look of two twin beds vs. bunk beds, but I adore so many of these inspiration pictures!! I have that last image pinned to one of my Pinterest boards….I love the built-in look & love the little desks on each side of the beds. Too cute!

  2. I pinned a rope bed similar to yours a few months ago but chickened out on doing it. My three girls shared a room for a few years and we had bunkbeds and a twin bed in one room. Now they all have their own room and I kind of miss them sharing. Good luck with deciding, I loved so many of those ideas I would have a hard time deciding!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kim,
    If I had to do bunkbeds, I would choose: Electic Kids design by Charleston Architect Bill Huey & Assoc. But I find bunkbeds unpleasant to change sheets and make. When a room was shared in my home, I put a twin on 1 wall, a square table from Ikea with long legs so it was twin bed height at the corner and then a twin bed off its other side. Thus an “L” shaped. This provided the most floor space as they continued to build legos and play board games on the floor. Just an idea. Andrea

    • That’s a great idea Andrea. My girls had bunk beds when they were small and I hated trying to make that top bunk. I’d get scraped knuckles tucking in the sheets.

  4. We’ve done the bunkbed thing. I wouldn’t do it again just because of the changing of sheets and making beds. It is just too difficult. Kids promised they would do it, but it never looked good, and changing sheets usually was my job. Just my two cents.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I want a bunk bed. I liked several of them, but the Attic one was my favotie. I think I like the wall seperating them like they really do have a speerate space.


  6. I don’t think I have a favorite, they are all beautiful! My son has a twin over full bunk which I actually love b/c the bottom is great if I need a place to sleep! ha.

  7. Well those were fun to look at! I have often thought of bunks in my guest room…just to accommodate a few more guests if needed!

  8. I am just in the middle of designing my boys’ bedroom makeover and there’s some great ideas here, not sure the finished product will be quite as amazing as some of your photos here but I’ll do my best!

  9. I just love bunkbeds, I have fond memories of growing up sharing a room with my brother and our beloved bunkbeds. Unfortunately our room wasn’t half as stunning as the ones you’ve featured here.

  10. Wow that last picture is perfect. It just looks so cosy as a kid I would have loved that, in fact as an adult I still would!

  11. I do love bunk beds that are built in to give additional privacy — sort of the best of both worlds! Good luck, Kim!
    xo Heidi

  12. These are fabulous ideas!

  13. Great collection and ideas, it is really important to keep this in mind when setting up a room that your bed doesn’t take a lot of place, there should be some free area to add other things like chairs or sofa, this way your room will look beautiful.

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